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The first time you enter the game after defeating the Pokemon League, you’ll be at your house. Move over and talk with your Mum. Cedric Juniper, Professor Juniper’s husband will barge in and hand you the National!

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Not far from completion. Some items aren't edited yet, gen 7 too, etc. Is there any walkthrough in english? When i open it, its in french language. That's the only one the creator provided. You can translate it using Google Translate or similar.

Why does it glitch me every time I faint I end up outside the map. Yeah, the teleport to pokemon center hasn't been done yet, so you'll just have to save frequently or wait till it's fixed. Can you sr for a shiny starter?? Like, does that work for ROM hacks?? There's no reason that it shouldn't unless the hack's creator changed something. But if you plan on doing it for this hack, you should probably hold off until some of the major bugs are fixed.

Sorry, I'm not sure. If it's not in the guide, ask over at the Pokecommmunity page link above. This was answered recently- "Is there a complete pokemon location list?

Not yet because gen 7 isn't available yet. Plus Fix that Bug. In cloud white, after I finish sevei islands, and I reached new region, but the map just show I was in Pallet Town. It might be a bug. If the guide doesn't help, report it on Pokecommmunity. I think the creator mainly speaks French, so it's probably easier for him to explain in that language.

You can try to use Google Translate. It's the same with cloud white 3 as well!! Other than that they are excellent games. Is it a glitch or what? Yeah, it's a known bug. The teleport to Pokemon Center on losing hasn't been done properly yet, so you should save often.

Why did have no legendaries they have always show question mark? Maybe because the sprites have not been added yet. It should be fixed in the future. It seems to be pretty much finished, but there are some major bugs left to be fixed, such as not teleporting to the PC when all your Pokemon faint.

I deleted team rocket but still green is saying defeat them all what to do there's no way out. Have you tried checking the guide? If that's not helpful, please try asking on the Pokecommmunity page. I thought the issue was fixed where after your pkmn faint you go to a pc.. Yep, other people reported that it wasn't fixed as well. Cloud white was one of the best rom hacks in my opinion. So far i've only been frustrated when playing cloud white 2.

I do always teleport to the trade room in the pokemon center when i faint. And when you just start the game, you can obtain all 3 starter pokemon instead of choosing just one. I don't know if that is a bug or if the creator of this rom did that on purpose By the title you'd think that this would be a top quality sequel of cloud white But it's actually kind of disapointing: Yeah, the creator is still working on fixing the teleporting bug.

I will report the starter bug. For now, there will probably be many bugs, but slowly they should all get fixed. Cloud White is on v, this one is only on v This game is pretty much a joke compared to the first game.

Let me list off a few bugs shal I? You can have all 3 starters. When you die to a trainer, your game is over lmao. If you chose turtwwig, you can't beat the first trainer if you don't grind to level 10 before. The Marvel's Spider-Man Guide for PS4 is a full walkthrough that will help you discover all secrets of this fantastic game. Learn how to unlock all of Spider-Man's suits, check which skills are the best, and get valuable combat hints with moves list.

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The Official Pokemon Unova Strategy Guide

Pokémon Black and Pokémon White Official Game - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. The Contents button puts all of the eGuide sections for Pokémon Black Version and White Version: The Official Pokémon Strategy Guide at your fingertips /5(6). Jan 17,  · Watch video · Read Book PDF Online[PDF Download] Pokemon Black Version 2 & Pokemon White Version 2 Scenario Guide: The Official. Pokemon Black 2 And White 2 Official Strategy Guide Pdf Download mediafire links free download, download Silent Hill 2 Official Strategy Guide, Silent Hill 2 Official Strategy Guide Born From A Wish (PC), Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 Champion Iris Theme! - pokemon black 2 and white 2 official strategy guide pdf download mediafire files.