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How to export LIVE MT4 data to Excel

Get live exchange rate with Currency Conversion. Wojciech Lukasz Bajak Mar Streaming realtime data to Excel gjvdkamp , 2 Sep Member Jan 2: Could you share the multiple currency pair XLS too, please? I'd like for a handful of cells to make an arbitrary request "A" and display the same value, while another group of cells would request "B" and get a different value from "A", but display the same together.

How to export live MT4 data to Excel The exported MT4 data file can be found in the folder \MQL4\Files\NZ_ExcelData. You can excess the folder from your MT4 platform by clicking "File" then "Oped Data Folder" and navigating to the described pathway.


This is proof positive that you are not buying a Stand Alone Application as they tell you on their website. There website says nothing about you buying a Service. MexcelTrader is never classified as a Web Service. They sell you the idea that you are buying a Stand Alone product, but then they monitor your MT4 connection to MexcelTrader and maintain a persistent port connection from your machine to a third-party machine on the internet.

To prove it - if you own MexcelTrader which I strong suggest you don't , simply look at the Windows Resource Monitor under Win7 and click on the Network tab while connected to MexcelTrader. You will see that 'Excel' maintains an Inbound and Outbound connection to a third-party machine that does not sit in the same domain as FxDialogue. Customers of FxDialogue were supposed to have a stand-alone application that connected Excel to MT4 on your hard-drive only.

You were never told that a back-end internet connection from MexcelTrader Excel would be made to a remote third-party system. That was done without the customer's knowledge. To add comments, please log in or register. This is my first post. Here is my question: I would like to collect currency exchange rates from USD to EUR from the internet and automatically insert it into my spreadsheet.

I would like this function to do this in reference to time i. The second twist if possible: It would be ideal for this to be done automatically every time that the spreadsheet is opened; i. I have included an image of my spreadsheet below, and by the way; here is site from which I would like to collect data from: You guys are the best! Perfect, thank you for that reply. How to Import Currency Forex Data from the Internet into your Spreadsheet Originally Posted by laurajohnson There's an spreadsheet that automatically downloads Forex data directly into Excel for a currency pair between two dates here The forex spreadsheet has now moved here: How to Import Currency Forex Data from the Internet into your Spreadsheet Could you please provide me the same excel sheet for copper prices from London metal exchange?

Thank you in advance The link is http: Results 1 to 5 of 5.

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Sep 15,  · Don't know how you do it in Excel but you can get live FXCM data into Wealth-Lab Developer ( from dataHQ ( and whatever you can do in Excel you can do better in Wealth-Lab. Automatically Updated Real-Time Forex in Excel. Now, here’s where we can be clever and get Excel to automatically update the exchange rates live. 1. Select the QueryTable as shown below, right-click and select Data Range Properties. 2. Every Forex trader should live by this quote from William Nevins. Your opportunities deteriorate with every second that you delay making a decision. Traders that have access to real-time data have a huge advantage over the rest of the market. There are some premium tools on the market, but you don’t need to invest in them.