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Guide to Options Trading for UK Investors (Part 1)

To find out about the features of this type of account and check your eligibility, please see our professional account page. Have any of you had this experience and how do you mitigate it? Oct 10, In order to place the trade, you must make three strategic choices:. A put option is what you will buy if it is your intention to profit from a fall in a share price or index.

Options can be used to trade on volatility itself, allowing traders to benefit even when there’s little movement in the underlying market. I want to hedge my trading strategy Investors with long positions on stocks, commodities and more can hedge against a drop in the underlying price by taking out a put option.

What are options?

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Call Options

Apr 21,  · This is a discussion on US Options trading from the UK within the Futures & Options forums, part of the Markets category; Hi all. I live in the UK and want to start trading Options. I live in the UK and want to start trading Options. A stock option is the same type of contract where you are buying the right but not the obligation to buy a stock or share of a company at a particular price, on or before the agreed date. The owner of the stock is accepting the obligation to sell the stock at your price for a small fee. This page features our extensive directory of options brokers. Our list of options dealers can be sorted by broker name or minimum deposit using the drop-down menu on the top right.