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Convention on Biological Diversity

How should we balance the needs of people for example housing, job opportunities or food with the needs of the ecosystem? An editorial team consisting of local experts on different taxonomic groups led by Dr Terence Ng has been established to curate and keep the database up-to-date. SWIMS is playing a major role in trying to measure and conserve these important resources, both within Hong Kong but also, together with its regional collaborators, in Southeast Asia. Economies and societies change — but humans will always depend on a healthy biodiversity. The level of biodiversity awareness is determined by three criteria: May Learn how and when to remove this template message. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Hong Kong Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (): Hong Kong has rich biodiversity and a natural terrain close to the bustling city. The diverse habitats and wildlife provides city dwellers with numerous benefits, from providing fresh produce to inspiring us with seasonal colours.

Hong Kong gov't announces new HK$150m biodiversity strategy and action plan

Timed script coming soon! What is the value of protecting biodiversity? How have international conventions decided to manage global biodiversity? What is HK doing about it? What can we all do about it- starting locally?

Dr Ng received his PhD in marine science in His research focuses on the poorly understood sexual selection strategies of marine snails. Students learned about the environmental science of intertidal ecology of HK and the Tai Tam Tuk mangroves, and received practical guidance on identifying common local mangroves and associated fauna such as mudskippers and Buddhist crabs. Students were then guided to conduct independent field studies of the physical and biological features of the exposed intertidal zone by the Eco Education Centre.

Vickie closed the session with a reminder about plastic marine debris and its impact on biodiversity. Our organization supports the tireless endeavours of UNESCO HK Association who strives for the promotion of Education for Sustainable Development, World Peace, and other youth empowerment and capacity building programmes and activities for a more sustainable and brighter future of HK.

Students choose their programs under different themes of sustainable development, of which, our organization has been able to support two of them — environment, and built environment. Set up an environmental education advisory body and improve coordination between groups offering environmental education. Delete the exemption of "inert waste" dumping s16 2 c from the Waste Disposal Ordinance Cap All waste dumping including construction waste should require a permit.

Cap , S20 2: Land owners have a responsibility to protect, maintain and manage their land. How important do you think biodiversity is, in comparison with other concerns facing our society? Economies and societies change — but humans will always depend on a healthy biodiversity.

Once destroyed, a balanced ecology is difficult if not impossible to regain. Hong Kong is a world city which combines ultra-high density compact urban areas and an intense public transport system, with extensive rural areas with white sand beaches, blue waters and outstanding natural habitats, all in close proximity. We need to contain the risk of urban sprawl which could defeat the benefits of this model.

And provide better access to and use of natural areas, waterfronts and the waters for leisure, recreation and sports. After all, Hong Kong is archipelago comprising over islands and km of coastline, and with large areas of land of high biological diversity set aside for conservation.

How should we balance the needs of people for example housing, job opportunities or food with the needs of the ecosystem? This question is wrong and intellectually corrupt. Humans need the ecosystem for their housing, jobs, food, water, fresh air, and overall health and wellbeing. Want to vote, comment and submit any ideas?

Tell us more about yourself. Welcome to Hepburn Shire's "Biodiversity Strategy " online forum. This is a place for community members to provide valuable input into plans that will help shape a better Hepburn Shire for everyone. Hepburn Council Home Biodiversity Strategy Biodiversity Strategy Forum is closed. You can read the full report by clicking on the link in the under "Important Links".

What we would like you to do: Click support on the strategic areas below you would like to prioritise. Comment on the strategic areas to make any additional contribution. If there is anything missing, please submit it as an idea. Recognise that biodiversity awareness, protection and enhancement takes effort - far more effort tha Prepare for climate change by establishing a small nursery and plantings of more arid area native pl Regulations can be p Establish research and trails that highlight the ways in which human activity has historically impac Pests and Animals fauna — establish strategies for the control of pest plant and animal species Data Collection and Mapping — establish and maintain a database to collect, store and disseminate Fire Management and Flood Management — prioritise works and understand their impacts on waterways

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The Government announced today (December 21) the first city-level Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP) for Hong Kong, which outlines the strategy and actions to be taken in. first city-level Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP) to step up biodiversity conservation and support sustainable development in Hong Kong over the next five years according to Hong Kong’s own conditions and capabilities. 1 HONG KONG BIODIVERSITY STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN NGO FOCUS GROUP FINAL REPORT Submitted to Awareness, Mainstreaming and Sustainability Working Group.