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Fire Suppression Systems

In response, many vendors redesigned nozzles to reduce pressure, and therefore, the decibel level of the discharge. The use of water means that facility owners are protected against the total loss of a data center, and the dry-pipe feature—originally developed to protect against fire in cold environments such as parking garages or refrigerated coolers—protects facilities from the consequences of an accidental discharge in white spaces. He went through the guidelines and procedures and suggested replacement of most of the alarms and maintenance for the sprinklers. Kidde provides excellent systems. A Foam Extinguishing System is a special application system that discharges a mixture of water and foam concentrate, resulting in a foam spray from the sprinkler. We had a close call last year and I can tell you that everyone on our end is feeling better with the new fire suppression systems in place.

Fire suppression systems for vehicles Dafo offers a complete range of extinguishing systems for heavy vehicles, ships and buses. Fires in vehicles often take hold very quickly and are hard to extinguish with a handheld extinguisher. A correctly dimensioned extinguishing system offers you fast, effective protection that limits the consequences.

Don’t Go Up in Flames!

You are dealing with a reputable company that knows how to take care of its customers. They have made my job that much easier. Commercial fire protection is of utmost importance. We offer fire suppression system installation, inspection, and maintenance services in these cities and the surrounding areas: The information on this website is for informational purposes only; it is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. It does not constitute professional advice.

All information is subject to change at any time without notice. Contact us for complete details. Restaurants fire suppression systems Vehicles and commercial fleet fire suppression systems Industrial fire suppression systems Auto body and paint booth fire suppression systems Micro environment fire suppression systems Hazardous material storage fire suppression systems Aside from loss of life from fire, there is nothing more devastating than mass property destruction, loss of information and downtime for your repairs.

For fire suppression systems, we offer: Estimates and design Installation Inspection Testing Repair Replacement Recharging Fire suppression systems are used in conjunction with various fire alarm and detection systems to protect your most valuable business assets. Yes, I would like to learn more about your sales, events, promotions and products. From hydraulic calculations to automatic proposal generation to data sheet printouts, it does it all. Read More… Mission Statement: Janus Fire Systems is a company built on the ideology of excellence, quality, and innovation.

We are committed to the safety and well being of our employees, a personalized relationship with our clients, and providing high quality Special Hazard Fire Protection products and services. Products Browse Our Product Line. Staffed by professionals experienced and knowledgeable in special hazard and industrial fire protection, Janus Fire Systems specializes in the design of the following: Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems Carbon dioxide CO 2 has been used for decades as a fire protection agent in areas and facilities where water-based suppression is not feasible.

Foam Fire Suppression Systems Foam suppression systems combine specially designed foam concentrate with precise amounts of water and air to create an expanding blanket of foam that smothers a fire. Water Based Fire Suppression Systems Sprinkler and water-based systems are widely recognized as a simple yet effective method of automated and fixed fire suppression, dousing flames with an inexpensive and readily available suppression agent — water. Special Hazards System Design and Layout We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional drawings accompanied by complete system layouts.

Food Truck Fire Suppression Installation

A tested and classified fire suppression system in combination with good fire detection, is the best first response in case of an emergency, Dafo Forex Fire Suppression System get activated by heat detector when the temperature reach °C. with an automatic fire suppression system. Dafo was the first company to pass the stipulated fire tests and are already supplying approved systems according to the new regulations in SBF System design Fire is detected by the linear heat detector (1) and. FORREX – FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS EMERGENCY GENERATORS DATA SHEET engines, they also constitute a significant fire hazard. The Dafo SV-K system is sprung from 40 yeas of experience in vehicle fire protection. It ensures maximum protection while being much.