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Continued use of this site means you agree to our cookie use and Privacy Policy. Stan exudes a calm intensity that gently pushes me to my limits and then some. Misery, fear, anger, distress, anxiety, and discomfort are optional, not inevitable. This half-day seminar is structured to help students understand the basic concepts of options and to introduce basic option strategies. He kept the group spell-bound. Suzanne is a kindred spirit and a powerful teacher.

The Options Institute recommends advanced preparation in the form of basic level online coursework be completed prior to attending this seminar. Trading Comes Alive! Income Opportunities Using Weeklys Options.

Individual Investors

Included are explanations of calls and puts, the factors that influence the price of options contracts and what makes options values change. All of these concepts -- and more -- will be explained in plain, simple terms for the beginning female options trader with an opportunity for further interaction, questions and discussions with educators and peers.

Take a 45 minute Tour of the Cboe. You will visit the Cboe trading floor during market hours and experience live trading! Introducing 24 hour trading, 5 days a week with TD Ameritrade. Account Settings Sign Out. Programs at The Options Institute at Cboe.

The Gold Standard in Options Education The Options Institute provides live training programs on how to manage risk in an increasingly complex marketplace through the use of effective options strategies. Beginner This 2-day, basic level seminar explores basic option concepts and trading strategies. It is designed to help investors gain a comprehensive understanding of: Her teachings and messages are amazing.

Debbie Mokhlessin, Banker, California. Excellent bundle of brilliant energy, clarity and curiosity. Leah displays a delightful presence. She is open and accepting and loving.

She is so accepting and wants the best for you so it is easy to grow in transforming and powerful ways. Patrick Davenport, Venture Capital, Massachusetts. Great, wonderful enthusiasm, and sense of humor. He expressed amazing interest in all of us. Stan exudes a calm intensity that gently pushes me to my limits and then some.

I felt his wisdom and love through his teaching. Joel Witherspoon, Counselor, North Carolina. This man has amazing skills! His energy lit up the room. His questions challenged and delighted everyone. We played, we worked and we celebrated our discoveries together. I want more Stan. Mark Lindsay, Boatbuilder, Massachussetts. Her continued excitement surrounding what she does here is amazing. I enjoy being around someone who is so passionate.

When she walks into the room, I find that I want to hear everything she has to say. Beverly is a sweet soul who quietly teaches with confidence and compassion. She passes on her knowledge succinctly and clearly. Clarity is her trademark. Michael Pearl, Lawyer, England. Lauren has been my counselor for over a year and I always, always look forward to our dialogues together every week. She helps me work out the big issues and the little ones and, through it all, she offers the gifts of deep love and acceptance, both quite palpable.

When I develop comfort and conviction about something, I can feel her cheering me on. I am pursuing a new career and have had a number of doubts and fears along the way. Our weekly sessions have enabled me to get past each obstacle I encounter. I feel so comfortable and safe with Lauren that I have discussed just about every aspect of my life with her! Lauren is a gem, a jewel, a precious gift to me and others. I have worked with two other therapists, but our work together was by far, the most effective, rapid and so easy.

Although we never met in person, I instantly felt comfortable. Your gentle, but probing questions helped me breakthrough my deepest circular and unhappy thinking patterns. I now have tools to use for myself and I see so many situations differently. You have given me the insight for how I make my world. Thank you for holding up that mirror.

Options trading can be overwhelming to beginners due to some of the complexities involved in analyzing the market and making informed trading decisions. Options trading is different than trading stock, but developing a reliable strategy for options through education and the right guidance can allow beginner or intermediate traders to take advantage of this part of the market and expand their portfolio to hedge against risks.

Don't stay away from options just because they're difficult to understand at first. Get the right education and learn effective options trading strategies that are right for you. Learning options trading strategies at Online Trading Academy, students discover how to buy puts and calls at the exact time that our supply and demand rules tell us they are cheap and about to become expensive. Option trading and writing options can also be used to: Learn how to trade options with the best strategies through our detailed in-person or online options trading training.

Learn options trading in our 5-day trading course.

Your Education Snapshot:

Option trading and writing options can also be used to: ensure your portfolio, manage risk, guarantee an income stream or lock in a profit in advance of the sale. Learn how to trade options with the best strategies through our detailed in-person or online options trading training. Options Trading Institute, LLC E Bell Road, Suite Phoenix, AZ [si-contact-form form=’1′] FREE SPECIAL OPTIONS REPORT. Sign-up now for the Options Trading Research e-letter - It's Free - and we'll send you this report immediately! Recent Posts. Our Approach. The Options Institute designs programs to help individual investors improve their investing skills in the options market. We teach strategies that help you protect profits and positions, and achieve your investment goals.