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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Successful Forex Traders

You will be able to read charts like you never have before if you make the switch to price action. Click here to dismiss. What the lesson here? What do you do when you win? D-mark is an abbreviation of Deutsche Mark.

What is it about successful Forex traders that sets them apart from the rest? A well-known figure in the Forex world is that 95% of Forex traders fail. A well-known figure in the Forex world is that 95% of Forex traders fail.

Success Story of a Part Time Forex Trader

You have too know when to wait and when to cut. Its a very difficult market but I get the feeling Im getting it down. Hope I can keep it up when its for real. Be watching for my name in the news. We shall see Muhahahaha. September 25th, at 1: Tech…you say trading with no stops?? Protect your account at all costs! There is no fun in not being able to visit the toilet, the kitchen or just enjoy life as a result of HAVING to watch your charts?

Been watching my stops. I have started putting them in around 50 pips stop loss from my current position. The bigger thing is I will not be able to fund a 50k account. Im going to use the practice for a few months first. And the margin is what gets you on smaller accounts.

My first account actualy bombed because I put a autmatic buy in the wrong place and was sleeping when it bought. I didnt understand the software well enough and it was a complete accident.

Pratice make almost perfect I say. Just that one mistake killed me. Im definitly not throwing money away I can loose ethier though. August 6th, at 4: Mr Gullible eventually kicked off his trading career by attempting to trade news releases on the economic calendar.

WOW Mr gullible said to everyone in the chat room. So Mr Gullible purchased the Trading Robot and integrated it into his trading platform. Remember Mr Gullible in this story is actually representing a small group of traders, 3 to be precise. All 3 traders pooled their life savings together and gave the Forex trading robot full control of their hard earned money.

In about 3 days most of their pooled life savings were destroyed, the robot had made extremely bad trading decisions and actually never once turned a profit. Only one of the Mr Gullibles was able to walk away with some of his capital, but it was church change compared to what he initially invested. There are so many Forex scams out there, for every 9 Forex scams or crappy products; you will probably find 1 good trading system. This kind of saturation makes it hard to find a good Forex Trading Course to get you set on the right direction with your trading.

Usually they are designed around the current market conditions. It would be hidden away in a safe while the creator reaps the rewards. Mr Lazy was a fellow trader that we met in the public trading community. Mr Lazy was looking for some guidance as he was overwhelmed with the amount of Forex information and strategies available.

We took Mr Lazy under our wing as he was interested in learning how to become a good price action trader. Well we regretted that decision quickly, we expected Mr Lazy to play the role of a keen student but instead he turned out to be an annoying parasite.

My Lazy had no intention of learning price action trading for himself, he just wanted to bludge off our experience and be a fly on the wall when we were talking about what trades we were planning to take. We soon caught on to what was happening when we noticed Mr Lazy was not receptive to the knowledge we were providing him and tried to gently cut him loose. The unfortunate thing for us is he had our private email and Skype details.

Every couple of hours Mr Lazy was hounding us for trading signals, even at the most inappropriate times. The Greek elections were broadcasted in Greek. Scotch is from Canada and had to be quick on the Google translator to try keep up with what was going on in the live election feed.

During the entire process Mr Lazy was bombarding Scotch with messages every 5 minutes asking him if he should go short yet. Out of frustration we eventually gave him the cold shoulder until he got the message. Firstly these traders could be the worst traders in the world and you are blindly following them, holding their hands as they walk you right off the cliff.

Forex trading is a personal journey that you should take as an individual. If you are looking for a simple but powerful price action trading course, then you stop by our Price Action Protocol page for more information. Mr Rush was another keen aspiring Price Action trader, unlike Mr Lazy, Mr Rush was hungry for knowledge and was taking in all the advice we gave him.

Mr Rush wanted to take all the right steps to become a professional trader, but he wanted to have completed those steps yesterday. Mr Rush was trying to run before he even knew how to walk. Mr Rush started taking every single pin bar formation on the 1 hour chart, across a variety of markets.

At times Mr Rush would had about five intra day trades open while continuing to look for more potential trades to open. He even started off by making a trading blog where he would record the steps of his trading journey, from a nobody into a millionaire. His over trading and lack of experience washed him out of the markets, his blog went dead and we never seen him again. Understand it, master it, test your skills on demo and keep your cool.

Mr Messy was an interesting trader that had a very strong social presence in an old IRC Forex chat room. We used to mainly hang out in there with the intention of observing the chat room activity for a laugh, because it was mostly nonsense that was thrown around.

We have Mr Messy to thank for most of our laughs. Mr Messy would often post up his opinions, trades and charts regularly. Here is another typical chart from Mr Messy. Mr Messy was one of those traders who combined about 50 different trading strategies into one chart and tried to execute them all at the same time.

Not only that, but he tried to factor in market sentiment and economic news releases into the mix as well. Mr Messy would deploy all sorts of exotic Forex indicators that he found from all the dark corners of the internet, he left no stone unturned.

Can you think of an attribute of successful Forex traders I left out? Thank you very much Justin this is great staff picked up a lot in the easiest way possible thanks to this article!!! Dr Bennett Sir I call you Dr because whenever I read your article something get cured and I become more healthier trader.

Your teaching are life changing and bank account changing. I love you man. Wow, thanks for the kind words. And from my perspective, comments like yours keep me going as running a website this large is no easy task. Being a beginner at anything means you have a steep learning curve ahead of you.

Trading is certainly no exception. Instead, hone in on one thing at a time. Become a master at identifying key levels. Then study pin bars until you know them inside and out. Trying to learn too much at one time is a recipe for disaster. I just want to say a big thank you to you Justin.

I am making amends and soon will share my story. You making an impact in the way I trade. Keep the good work. Thanks for the valuable summary. The only good thing I dare to say great of the 9 is never give up. Getting the other 8 slowly but surely. Now, the more I trade the more I like myself because I am honest to face myself.

Hey Justin, can you recommend trading books to read! Also, thanks for the Market Wizard recommendation! Thanks a lot justin for your insight and posts. Paper trading, utilizing very small lots, a big desire to learn from your mistakes and sticking to the same strategy and improving on its execution and management skills are key ingredients of success. Coach what about the desire for more informative material not just irrelevant information that is up on google and other sites in the internet?

I learned trading Forex at Online Trading Academy. Do you have any opinion about them and their method? Thank you Mr Bennett, I always love your posts and set up because no matter how experience you are, you will surely lean and gained from the post.

Thanks Justin for sharing your thoughts and daily setups…. Thank you Justin, I read the article and I see many things reflected from the experience I have had in these three years operating, I follow it a year ago and my way of thinking and operating has taken a total turn and most importantly productive. Thank you illustrious for your valuable advice and teachings. I am glad I had overcome some of the attributes that you mentioned. My perseverance, passion and determination have assisted me a lot.

The process and procedures to trade correctly have somehow made me a better trader. No longer I feel pain, frustration and revenge when I lose in a trade. I had already learned what you given, that is, structured your thoughts of dollar value one can forgo as a loss thus there is no pain but seen as an expense into the business. Thank you for sharing such a wonder article. I have been reading your posts for sometime now, learned a lot to be able to decide whether I would start my trading career now that I am retired from work.

Thanks for the insights and looking forward to more understanding of trading the forex market! Very informative and helpful guide that any one venturing into trading must know beforehand. I have been following you for quite sometime. Since March I have engaged in going through all the free post and weekly setups.

The information you put out is authentic and very helpful always gain so much in every post. On the other hand getting ready to join the community which I am happy to know I will be able beginning of October to complete the journey.

Thank you so much Justin. Your articles really rekindles hope in us. All that is left for me is the discipline to practice these great tips from your blog. God bless you real good.

Good, this is an encouraging wake up message, well educative, now I have hope of becoming a successful Forex trader. What left is to work towards it which I will try my best. Thank you for the good job. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.


Reading stories of successful Forex traders can teach you to be a great trader. Here are stories and tips from 11 successful traders you can learn from. Jun 18,  · So do you guys trade your own account for a living? I welcome all your excellent input, but if John and Bob's stories are theoretical academic-level scenarios they are outside the thread's scope in the sense that the idea is to share personal real life experience from a pratical point of view. How I Became a Successful Part-Time Trader. Reading: I bought Forex trading books and read them, readings, practice and build your own strategy before begin real trading, it will take a lot of time and dedication but .