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15-30 Minute Strategy for Beginners!

There are many binary options companies which are not regulated within the United States. A bullish crossover occurs when price crosses above a Moving Average from below. Price did not continue an upward climb shows the retracement had ended so you would have a better entry. Guys which broker is legit in United States? Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

If you are a newbie, you can follow the rules and trade this strategy mechanically until you acquire the skills necessary to understand the reasons behind the rules.

Why to use this strategy or not

Go to the 15 minute chart and check the candlesticks. To ensure the trend is true and not about to change direction suddenly, make sure you know what the previous highs and lows were.

The stochastic oscillator can help you identify these by showing the oversold and overbought levels. If the price is stepping down and shows under both the 50 and EMA, look for lower highs and lower lows. If the price is buys stepping up it would be creating higher lows and higher highs above the 50 and EMA.

The point is to find these little steps, which are small retracements within the current trend. Once you have confirmed the trend action, as a newcomer, you will be trading mechanically.

You would see the candles form the lower high and see that the RSI and Stochastic are close to overbought levels. Let the bullish 15 minute candle complete and ensure the retracement is over. Double check that the bullish move is done by looking at the 5 minute chart and see if the next candle is bearish. Once you are more experienced and understand candlesticks and price action and are able to draw resistance and support lines and have a good idea of the volatility of the market you can change your approach using this strategy.

Makes sure the M5 and M15 are still overbought though. You would use price action to determine when to trade and would not have to wait for candles to complete at 5 minutes in the direction of trade you want to trade in.

Price did not continue an upward climb shows the retracement had ended so you would have a better entry. Use the same option when working on call options, just work on higher lows and higher highs. This strategy is developed to work in most market conditions but will not work in every market condition. It is best for you to wait until all the current market conditions are showing the results you need before trading.

Fri Sep 14 Tokyo: March edited March in Binary Options Strategy. This strategy is very newbie friendly because it only uses 2 simple but powerful indicators that are easy to understand! It is a good start for beginners who want a strategy to comprehend and evolve with.

Set your time frame to M We use SMA 50 for identification of the trend: Candlesticks should be above the SMA 50 for the trend to be considered an uptrend. Candlesticks should be below the SMA 50 for the trend to be considered a downtrend. Add Stochastic Oscillator, standard settings 5, 3, 3 and levels 80 and Price is oversold when Stochastic is near or at Price is overbought when Stochastic is near or at Look for locations where candlesticks come down and touch the SMA 50 and confirm that Stochastic is oversold at the same time on the M15 time frame.

Look for locations where candlesticks come up and touch the SMA 50 and confirm that Stochastic is overbought at the same time on the M15 time frame. Also let me know how it works for you! Don't forget to watch the video. Thanks Okane for a nice simple strategy. I particularly like it because it's an easy one to set alerts for I use TOS so as not to miss a potential set-up. Yes, simplicity can be profitable! I see too many beginners overwhelming themselves with loads of indicators I dont think your video is working.

It keeps saying an error occurred. The embed option wasn't working - I had to click on "watch on YouTube" to view it. It's now been changed to a simple link so if you click on that it works. My first trade with this strategy and I thought I'd post a screenshot even though it was a well-deserved loser - I knew I shouldn't have taken it but this was my first alert for the strategy and I thought I'd risk it.

However, it continued downwards for the 30 mins of my trade and lost. I'm quite pleased in a way because in future I'll stick to the rules - winning may have given me a false sense of security! The white lines are where I entered the trade and where it closed. I don't know how well this strategy works with assets other than currency pairs.

Maybe it'll work on other assets too but you have to test and find out. Today might have been difficult due to all the news coming out for USD. Have to take fundamentals into consideration too. Just to clarify - you wouldn't have taken that trade even on one of your preferred currency pairs if the chart looked the same as the one above - correct? I'm testing the strategy on a mixture of 30 currency pairs and assets because one could go for days without a trade on just the pairs you mention. Well, I only know that the strategy should work on currency pairs, because I have seen it work.

Wow, I advise against overwhelming yourself with too many pairs.

How does it work?

Tags: strategy, 30 minute strategy, 60 minutes strategy, binary options 1 hour, binary options gold trading Golden Eye – Trading strategy with 80 % success rate Published: Aug 24,  · Binary Options Edge doesn't retain responsibility for any trading losses you might face as a result of using the data hosted on this site. The data and quotes contained in this website are not provided by exchanges but rather by market makers. Compatibility of indicators with strategies of 30 minutes binary options To make a full technical analysis, traders complete this group of trading systems by following set of instruments: Graphic is directly marked by indicators which show the direction of the dominate trend.