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Forex Avenger Review – Dave Curran

Month 2 produced 9 wins for pips, 1 break-even trade and 4 losses with a total of pips, net gain pips. This also makes it 5 winning months in a row, albeit with a much smaller profit this month. Want to add to the discussion? The strategy Forex Avenger uses is a guaranteed winner if followed religiously, but does not take kindly to experimentation. There are many fake testimonials out there. Is Forex Avenger Profitable? As it takes us little time to run the system we have no issues with running it for another couple of months on a small account.

The Avenger Robot was created by Dave Curran, with Mark McRae puting up the 50K for the testing. They are both SA Forex traders. Mark is known for the SureFire Forex .

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Had a lot of good information in there for both beginners and vets like myself. Heck, I even learned quite a bit from it myself. The strategy Forex Avenger uses is a guaranteed winner if followed religiously, but does not take kindly to experimentation. Test Results Consistency Overall Value. I have been trading on the forex market since the 's and believe me I have had my fair share of ups and downs. For those who know me already, you know about my love I have for forex robots, otherwise called expert advisors.

There is no better feeling than making money for doing nothing! First of all, let me clarify that I am not trying to shove some piece of shit product down your throat. These do actually make me and many other people money each and every week. I say week because you will have the odd losing day, its just the nature of the forex market. But, With these forex robots , you can set them up for near perfection in some cases.

It has given me the most consistent long term profits. Loyalty is on the top of my list for importance, and Forex Funnel delivers by far the most consistently..

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This review was completed by a trading colleague who you can find on the forum, along with myself and others, under the name of Trickster. A. Avenger Trader Review. Avenger Trader is an automated trading signals software. It’s said to help users with Forex trading. Avenger Trader claims to be the best software for automated Forex signals and basically it trades for you. May 08,  · An update on progress with Forex Avenger based on 2 months of back-test and now 2 months of live running. Aug/Sep (Back-test) – 21 trades, 15 winners, longest winning streak = 3 in a row.