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Have a great weekend my friend: I will also give you great credit for having belief, patience and understanding to give it a go and thus, see the benefits. Luckily and thankfully yours is not one of them. It is the ultimate set and forget forex robot. Last night EA opened 9 orders, they were all correct, amazing and lucky for me. Everyday forex robotron is making winning trades and my account is growing fast, great work on this automated forex system! Hi just checking in to see how V1.

Forex Freedom System Trade Alert Software – It’s a semi automated version which generates trade signals on multiple currency pairs. Signals pops up on screen and a trader has to manually enter each of the trade recommendations when they opt to trade the signals.

"The Secret to Consistent Forex Profit Every Week Without Fail Revealed..

Start Making Money Now! The best decision that you take now is to pay a small one off fee today and buy this fully automated forex trading system as an investment that will keep making you money now and for years to come!

Do you have your doubts despite all you have read about the Forex Robotron? Do you think this Forex Robot will not make you money? The longer you spend doubting Forex Robotron, the longer you are not using it to make you money from automated trading.

It is normal to have doubts, but those who spend all their time doubting are not the ones who are making things happen, so ACT NOW and buy it before it's too late. Hello support Just thought you guys should know how good you are. Thank you Duane, very pleased to know you are happy with support and as always if you need anything just get in touch.

Have a great weekend! Robotron is better in behavior than many other EA's I own. Therefore and having in mind that you were very fair I would like to run Robotron in some other accounts I have.

Robotron has been running super great since put in motion! It's working for me: Thank you, I must say the robot has been performing well thus far. I have tried many other EA's thus far and it cost me a lot of money but they are not as good as the Robotron, in fact after paying for the EA itself I also lost money on the trading itself. Well done and Thanks. Thank you so much for those very kind words, really, they mean the world to me after all of the hard work over many years put into Robotron.

You are more than welcome my friend and if you need anything, you know where I am. Hi, I just wanted to say that I've installed the program for almost a week now and everything has been great. Program is making me pips and your customer support has been great too. Keep up the fantastic job guys. I have one question though. How will I know when there is a update available for the program? Hi Crispian, Thank you very much, glad to hear it is going so well! You should receive an email when there are updates.

Happy pips my friend, have a great week! I hope you are well, V20 was performing very well this week, you are the only one on the web that I trust, because your Robot is realy working.

Hello, I've purchased your EA and ran it for few months. The performance was quite well. Hi, I hope you are well. V21 is working very well for me so thanks for the new code. So far, so good with Robotron! It has placed 11 trades and won all since Monday evening this week. Hi Again, I hope you've been well. Just to let know that the EA is doing great.

Just wanted to check if there's any new versions that have been recently released? Hello Team, Good day. Hope you are doing great. It is quite interesting - despite the other robots trading non stop - the best returns are still with Robotron. I made 16 percent this week and I could have taken the lot size much higher - I am probably still being a bit cautious - despite running on aggressive mode.

Many thanks for your support by the way - it is so refreshing and reassuring to know that you are always there! Hi, I am running version 15 and having a lot of success lately. I am getting excellent returns on multiple currency pairs with version I've tested your robot and it is fabulous. Your Robotron results are phenomenal, all trades are profitable. Glad to hear it is still going well, been a while for you now! Thank you, always working on further improvements!

Have a nice day my friend. How are you doing buddy? I keep ramping up the lot size and it is just keeps giving me home runs!! Thank you so much, this is really going to make a positive difference in my life and family - Enjoy your weekend too! Aw Peter, that is great to hear, you are very welcome as always, my pleasure.

I admit that You are best EA support team I have worked with. So prompt and clear in your communication. Hi there, Results for version 20 are amazing, not 1 single loss for a whole week. I'll be switching this on one of my live trading accounts. Thanks for the reply and congratulations on your EA and it's really great how it works.

Robotron is a superb product providing consistent returns with a small drawdown. Very responsive support with loads of help provided during my own backtesting. Simply works out of the box, and I didn't really have to change anything! Cannot recommend this product and the support enough! Thank you so much for those kind words - they really mean the world to me and make all of the hard work I have spent on Robotron over many years worthwhile.

How perfect are those exits? Good evening I'm using Robotron on multiple currency pairs and I'm doing very well. Do you have some other product that has good performance and works in some other way so that I can get it? I will surely do my brother.. I really have to see you in person, its on my bucket list.. Thank you so much for the kind words Tim, that really means so much to me and I am very happy to have met you also!

Your bot is fantastic. It makes profit since 18 months. Thanks for answering all questions so simply, promptly and directly. At the moment the trading is going like an express train ie extremely well , I know it won't always go like that of course, but for the moment my wife and I are very happy - so far, so good.. I'm very happy with that for the moment. You are very welcome Neil, always happy to help where I can and answer your questions. Very pleased to hear that your trading is going very well.

This EA has been the only one I have tested that can open and close an order in profit. I have used this EA for the past few months in demo. Yes, this sounds too good to be true but it is. Thank you so much George, those words make all of the hard work and dedication that has gone into Robotron worthwhile! Wow, I can see why people rave about your customer service - really I mean that. Your customer service skills are up there with the best of the best!

Thank you for the updated version with the minutes. I already use the ea for 1 month, and the result is great, when EA lose, it never touches my SL position, always close in the right time, loved it. Great to hear from you! Glad to hear your results with Robotron are going so well! Hello, the expert is very good Hello my friend, Okay, thank you! The robot works great! Keep up the great work!

Thanks Forex Robotron Team! You are very welcome Eric, that is great to hear my friend! Always working to improve Robotron even further! Robotron has been running great! As you can see from the screen shot below I have been upping the lot size some to increase the profit. Robotron is very good and i'm happy with it, I have another EA running on one of my accounts but results not as good as Robotron. I will be dealing with you only, you are better dealing with costumer, quick answer and reliable robot mean you provide good service, wish you the best.

You are very welcome as always and it is a pleasure to help you when needed. Very glad to hear Robotron is doing so well for you. If you need any more licenses just let me know. Have a great week! I have run the ea about 10 days. The most brilliant ea i have every use. I can let it run and no worry about. Thank you so much for your kind words about Robotron, so pleased to hear that you are happy with it and getting such great results!

Awesome, thank you so much! It's literally doubling the account every two weeks. Awesome ea you put together. You are very welcome, that is great to hear! Glad you are having good results and thank you for the positive comments! Hello, Does your robot ever lose? It is still on a winning streak. If it's winning, I'm happy. Hello, I am really happy with Robotron, I think it is a great bit of kit and I'm sure I'd be hard pressed to find as good a Bot anywhere right now.

Once again thank you for your ongoing generosity and support. Thanks again Wayne - very happy to hear those words! I agree, Robotron is the best! Hello, How much would each additional license cost?

I was considering taking one more. This EA is doing awesome. Hi, Hope you are well. Ive got to say and I know its early days but your program appears to be outstanding. Ive never come across anything quite like it, I do get twitchy occasionally when a trade is running and I think shall I intervene and end the trade but ive managed to stay calm and the bot gets out of it on the upside. On top of a good bot your service has been second to none.

I think as a nation we are all guilty to moan to quickly but not praise when we are pleased with things. So give yourself a big pat on the back from me. Thank you so much for your kind words, it means the world to me and has been a pleasure talking with you.

Most importantly, I am glad you are enjoying the performance! Thanks for the pat on the back, it's feedback such as yours that makes it all worthwhile! I will also give you great credit for having belief, patience and understanding to give it a go and thus, see the benefits.

You were kind enough to set up your product on a my account, once again I thank you for your help. Forget about percent, it is too easy: Thank you for your blessings also. It is Robotron blesses u! Thank you again for your wonderful EA. Glad you like the win rate, it is indeed impressive and has been for many a year and will continue to be so!

I have had Robotron for just over a month now and I am happy with the EA. Good afternoon my friend. Thank you for your kind words, that means the world to me - happy to help! If you need anything else just let me know. Hi, Another 14 pips this night.

Hopefully my winning streak continues! I have been using Forex Robotron since November It started showing a profit from day 1. The winning trades far exceed the losing one's which rarely go to stop loss.

I feel it is by far the most consistent and profitable EA on the market today. I use Robotron for half a year and the results are: This month was really good and I'm very happy with Robotron.

The win rate is amazing. Hi Stefan, Thank you for your kind words and congrats on your great results with such low risk! First of all I would like to thank you for your Robot and great support. I test your robot for few months now on live account and I can see the difference between your robot and others I was testing.

Hi Ahmad, Thank you for your email and glad that all is well. With Robotron you do not need any others! Have a great weekend and if you need any more licenses just let me know. Hi Natalia, Good thank you and I hope you the same. Glad it is running well for you! Hi, Amazing Robotron team! It is quite amazing really how great this program is I actually get excited about switching it on!! Hi Dan, Great to hear from you as always and very happy that you are happy with Robotron!

Last night EA opened 9 orders, they were all correct, amazing and lucky for me. I got 3 percent something each. Hi, I bought the EU robot a couple of days ago and set it up an my account.

I would like to buy the EA after testing it on demo accounts for a while. My question is Can i get windows to notify every time you make a new post on facebook? Do you offer a Trade Copier service with your signals? Or can I open an account and have your signals linked to a Trade Copier service? I have had nearly all of the signals that I have taken go into profit I live in Australia and it's difficult to catch most of the signals issued for the UK and US markets. There is a ton of such positive comments on facebook inbox, twitter DM and the support email inbox.

Please note these subscribers are part of the ,, traders who got to receive LIMITED signals generated from Forex Freedom System and broadcasted via email or social media, but have not been able to generate the signals themselves on multiple pairs on demand on their MetaTrader.

The algorithm works in reference to High and Low wicks on Candles. Strategy for Buy Signal: Strategy for Sell Signal: Signals pops up on screen and a trader has to manually enter each of the trade recommendations when they opt to trade the signals. This is the Fully automated version. The robot will take trades on behalf of the trade and close those trades when appropriate. Traders may as well use the robot to take trades at night and then trades can be managed in the morning.

In the event we are unable to accord you product support or we are unable to fix a bug in the software within a reasonable time, you are entitled to our day, no-hassle money-back guarantee. Your account will be credited promptly.

A Forex System with a Consistent Fully Tested Trading System.. Peace of mind that eliminates the doubts of when to enter and exit a trade profitably. All trade signals have precise entry level with appropriate Take Profit and Stop loss levels.

Our unique reverse signal exit strategy has helped our traders lock in more profit and cut out losses from bad trades. This means, without manual intervention when an already open trade has NOT hit take profit or stop loss and there happens to be a trade opportunity in the same pair in the opposite direction of the current open trade, then the old trade closes automatically resulting to assured profit or minimal loss.

Success in trading comes with a mechanical system of rules that does not respond to fear and greed. Forex Freedom System has finally solved the Risk and Money management trap. We have a rule that limits the lot size to be used in opening a trade depending on your account balance and number of open trades. This rule is automatically activated by default, but we have the option to disable for advanced traders. When you trade with Forex Freedom System FFS you will enjoy the ability to trade any time of day and night and still gets solid winning pairs.

Did you know at various trading sessions New York, London, Tokyo and Sydney there are certain crosses which are best to trade and not others? If you can predict the price direction then you can win every trade. Such a strategy would be the holy grail of trading. Forex Freedom System has been trained in longer time frames of H1 and H4 meaning if you trade live or backtest; the results would still be the same with When you trade on HI and H4 time frames you are guaranteed to get the same consistent results that we get.

Another way to earn more without opening more trades or risking your account is by use of trailing stops which helps lock in profit such that you either break even a trade or you win. This is a no loss strategy that is brilliant for trading capital protection.

For advanced users who prefer to blend Forex Freedom System with their own strategies they can take advantage on the chart prints made by our FFS indicator. You can scroll back in time to see what trades we made in the past and whether they ended in profit or loss.

The charts are printed with buy and sell entry arrows as well as given take profit and stop loss at the time. Unknown to too many traders is that a good numbers of Forex brokers are rogue and they hunt traders stop loss such that when your stop loss is hit, the prices moves to the direction the indicator had predicted it would move.

Forex Freedom System 100% Fully Automated EA

Forex Freedom System % Fully Automated EA Forex Freedom System (FFS) is primarily a signals alert software. It scans the market and Pops up a trade recommendation where a trade Must MANUALLY confirm a signal to enter a trade. If you get interested, you can try the Freedom Forex Program RISK FREE for 60 days. It has got 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. If you don’t like . View Live Results and Download this automated forex trading system now! Introducing Forex Robotron, the Best Forex Robot! The only Forex Robot tested with real tick data, real variable spreads, real slippage & including trade commissions ($7 per round turn).